Scholarship recipient: John McGlone


john mcglone, class of 2017, the theatre school, depaul university 

What was your favorite class this year? 

My favorite class this year was Advanced Scene Study with Kymberly Mellon. In this class, we worked on scenes from Chekhov and Ibsen. This was one of the most challenging acting classes I have taken in my four years at The Theatre School. Kym was always pushing us above and beyond where we imagined we could go. I grew more in this class than I thought I ever would. 

What activities do you participate in outside of the classroom? 

I am part of The Theatre School's Student Government Association. I'm also a part of a senior fundraising and community engagement organization called ST*RS, which stands for Support Tomorrow's Rising Stars. I have a part-time job at a local pizza restaurant. 

What are your aspirations for after graduation? 

I am off to graduate school after graduation. I have been accepted to Yale School of Drama for an MFA in acting. With this training and degree, I will be able to teach at a university level and I will deepen the training I have already received, which will allow me to do my art at a level I aspire to. The foundation of experience that I gained at DePaul was instrumental in my graduate school acceptance and will continue to support me through my time at Yale. After graduate school, I will to be a working actor. I am to create act that unflinchingly explores the human condition and challenges audiences. Eventually, I am excited to return to the studio to continue a legacy of training the next generation of artists. 

What does receiving this scholarship mean to you? 

Receiving this scholarship in particular has been a great honor. The Sarah Siddons Scholarship, in previous years, has gone to actors whom I have deep respect for. These theatre artists have made serious waves in the industry and I hope to carry that torch forward. This scholarship has also relieved the financial burden of school, allowing me to focus on my studies. 

I would like to that the Sarah Siddons Society for awarding me with scholarship. I have worked very hard to develop my craft during my time in school and to be acknowledged by the Sarah Siddons Society means a great deal. The generosity of donors has allowed me to put the maximum amount of energy toward schoolwork, rather than worrying about other financial responsibilities.